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Chess is one the world's greatest games. Besides book recommendations, this guide will also provide information about chess activities happening in both the library system and the community.

Reference Librarian

Updates on Current Chess Events

Current World Champion (since 2013):

Magnus Carlson

(Note:  During November of 2018, Fabiano Caruana became the first US citizen since Bobby Fischer to try for the World Chess Champion title!  After the 12 standard games that all ended in draws (A first in a World Chess Championship), Magnus defeated Caruana during the tie-breaker games.

Places to Play Chess

Places to Play Chess at the Library:

(Call the library for specific details)

Pruitt Library (Rackspace) (650-1122)

San Pedro (207-9050)

Other Places to Play Chess in San Antonio

Lion's Club

San Antonio Chess Club (Hornbeak)




Suggested Readings for Kids

Online Chess Game Sites

Shredder Chess

Kids Chess



Suggested Readings for Intermediate Players

Suggested Readings for Advanced Players

Suggested Reading for Beginners

Suggested Reading for Chess History, Figures, Philosophy, etc.