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Facilities Anniversaries

The following is the Library’s guidelines for facility celebrations as approved by the Library Board of Trustees.

Facilities Anniversaries

San Antonio Public Library strives to create consistency in the observances of its facility celebrations by creating consistency through system-wide guidelines. The following is the Library’s guidelines for facility celebrations as approved by the Library Board of Trustees.

Formal Anniversaries at Enhanced Major Milestones: 

Years- 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and every 5 years after 75+

Informal Celebrations:

Years- 1,15, 35, 45, 55, 65 & 70

Upcoming Facility Anniversaries:


Formal Anniversary Definition

Formal anniversaries are always large-scale, unique to the community and  include the following:

• Formal, planned presentation
• Elected officials, Board of Trustee speakers and community VIP speakers
• Formal invitation printed and mailed
• Refreshments, community partners participation and activities

Facility/location formal anniversary event plans will be initiated by Marketing. This approach is intended to support you in event operations, and hopefully, take some pressure off of you in the process. However, this is very much a partnership between Marketing and your team. We trust that you know your community best, and we will need your help to work with local organizations and businesses for participation with ceremonial festivities, refreshments, alternate parking options (where applicable), etc. Here is a working timelines for formal anniversary event plans:


4 months in advance

  1. Marketing will reach out to you for an initial brainstorming session to discuss a potential date and details about the program/event and activities that you hope to include. As a team, a preliminary plan of festivities will be created.
  2. A draft plan will be shared by Marketing with internal stakeholders such as Director’s Office, Assistant Directors, PSA and other team members as needed. The date will be checked against other organizational and local celebrations and events to ensure there is no conflict.

3 months in advance

  1. Once a date is approved you will be contacted for a meeting to discuss next steps. After above meeting has occurred the following will take place:
    1. Graphics/PR ticket will be submitted for invitation, press release, flyer and other materials by location manager.
    2. Trumba listing will be created location manager.
    3. Recruitment of businesses, community partners, City departments (ACS, DHS, Parks, etc) will begin and involve location manager and Marketing staff.

Note: All of these details will be discussed more thoroughly in meetings between you and Marketing.

2 months in advance

  1. A draft agenda of activities (that includes times) and run of show for the formal speaking program will be created by Marketing. 

1 month in advance

  1. Program run of show will be formalized by Marketing.
  2. You will receive a flyer and other promotional items; all other publicity efforts will be engaged by Marketing such as website, social media, newsletter, community calendar listing, etc.
  3. Printed and digital invitations will be sent by the Director’s office. You will receive an electronic invitation to share with your local community contacts (excluding elected officials, Library Board and Library Foundation and anyone who may be on the existing distribution list).
  4. You are asked to engage your frontline team to help promote the event to visitors of the branch.

Informal Celebration Definition

Informal celebrations will be small-scale events with NO FORMAL PROGRAM. Observation of the informal anniversary is required. It could include (for example) refreshments and branch activities planned for an afternoon.