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Gardening in South Texas

Gardening books & organizations for gardening in the San Antonio area.

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Reduce Your Water Bill & Preserve Our Environment

     Choosing plants that require less water helps our environment and ensures your garden or landscaping stays vibrant even under watering restrictions.

Saving water saves you money on your water bill, but SAWS residential customers can get a little something extra to reward you for water-wise ways. Apply for Watersaver Coupons and Rebates from SAWS. Find all the available coupons and rebates on SAWS' Garden Style San Antonio section.


What is 'Permaculture'?

Permaculture embraces practices and methods to make an endeavor, such as a garden, sustainable for the long-run and as self-sufficient as possible, which saves you time and effort!

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Welcome to Gardening in South Texas

    When searching the catalog use different search terms based on the type of gardening you’re interested in—organic, flower, houseplants, etc.

     In the case of houseplants use “house plants” or “indoor gardening” for best results. Using quotation marks ensures the words are searched as a phrase--rather than unrelated words.

Favorite Gardening in South Texas Books

  Going (and Saving!) Green

      You can save money, time and the environment by making a few careful choices. These web sites can help.

Web Sites of Interest

     Gardening from bushes to vegetables.