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Hispanic Genealogical Research

The Hispanic Genealogical Research Guide is designed to get you started on your family history.

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                                                                      Sylvia Reyna

                                                                  Texana /Genealogy

Cadena Files

The Cadena files include research records on baptismals, cemeteries, census, churches, confirmations, court records, deaths, deeds, family group sheets, marriages, probates, testimonies, and wills.  Also featured are records on Hispanic history, genealogy, land grants, military, photocopies of maps, newsletters, organizational information, pedigrees, personal correspondences and publications. 

Gloria Cadena Obituary

Founder of Los Bexarenos

Other Hispanic Genealogical Societies

Welcome to Hispanic Genealogical Research

Studying family ancestors allows you to trace your lineage. By starting with yourself and working backwards you can explore how you came to be. Begin by talking with living relatives, the older the better so your can put together a pedigree chart. Go into the attic, closet, garage, look in the old shoe box or trunk and find the certificates, documents, letters, notes and pictures. Get names and places and dates. And then come visit us in Texana/Genealogy. We'll get you climbing onto the limbs of your tree. Find out who is hanging in your family tree!


The Texana/Genealogy department is a Reference Only Collection. The materials are not allowed to leave the department, however, copies of some of the books are available for check out in the circulating collection.

This guide is designed to introduce to you to books, databases, websites, and information on microfilm related to Hispanic Genealogical Research.

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