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Inqueeries Podcast

Welcome to the landing page of the Inqueeries podcast! Links to episodes, further reading, guests, and more can be found here.

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Interested in being a guest on the show, have a topic suggestion, a question (or two or three) for us, or just want to say hi? Reach out to any of the hosts at our emails (or all of us, that's cool too):,,, and

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Hey there! You've made it to our little site. If you're wondering what this is, InQUEERies is a podcast. In this case, it's some librarians here at the San Antonio Public Library, chatting with queer folks about different facets of queerness. You can expect to hear us explore and ask a TON of questions about: queer identity, creative process, and how those aspects of their lives intersect with aspects of our professional work; more specifically, we are going to ask gay people gay questions. 

So feel free to explore, listen to an episode or two, + click through some links. Hopefully you learn something, laugh, and have a gay day. 

Your Gay Guides

Librarian, Dacari Lambert (she/her) - You'll hear her talking endlessly about things that only connect tangentially. On her best days, you can find her deep in a rabbit hole of useless (but interesting) information. She's a super fan of estate sale shopping, full belly laughs, and graphic memoirs about really sad or really weird things.


Librarian, Lisa Puchot (she/her/ella) - You'll find her lost in endless rants about ramen, being a latch-key kid, simultaneously shedding a tear while discussing Garbage Pail Kids and Jack Kerouac, not in that particular order. She/Ella is first generation Indigenous-Wixárika, avid reader, closet poet, and Zine enthusiast.


Librarian, Shannan Prukop (she/they) - The one who says the intros and outros! It's probably pretty obvious from listening to the show, but Shannan loves comics and manga, and reads....a lot of them, but she loves the beautiful variety that comics and manga bring to storytelling. When not doing that, they're inevitably working on cosplay; she loves the inherent queering that cosplay offers, and will talk your ear off about it. 


Librarian, Michael Dunbar-Rodney (he/him) - (aka mouse aka uncle minion aka dunrod...); no one knows where he came from, or where he's going, but one thing is for certain - he'll be there late. Exploring the fantastical and, well, queer, with pen, ink, and panache, he's a proud cat daddy and avid D&Der. His longest running roleplay character is that of Functional Adult.