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What is a library database? There is a wealth of information available to you from library databases accessible from SAPL.

Google Scholar

is a version of Google that allows people to search for scholarly content on the web.  Most articles in Google Scholar are found in databases, but there are some that you can read or download for free. 

Check SAPL's databases for items that you find in Google Scholar.  If they aren't available, you can use Interlibrary Loan to order them, or visit an area university library for guest access to academic databases.  

Boolean Searching

You can use Boolean search words and symbols in Google and library databases.

Advanced Search Techniques

There are some more things you can do with databases to make your searching even more efficient.  The simplest thing you can do is use the database's advanced search feature.  Generally the advanced search gives you more ways to specify exactly what you want in your result list. Use the Help menu in the Database or ask a librarian to help you.

Here's an example of an advanced search in a database, with extra filters displayed: