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Oral History and Presentation Collection

The Oral History and Presention Collection is list of interviews and presentations conducted by various organization which are housed in Texana/Genealogy.

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Oral History

Oral Histories are first hand stories that have been gathered by conducting interviews with individuals who have observed or been part of an event. The focus is to collect and preserve that individual’s first-hand information and make it available to future researchers through audio recordings, handwritten notes, or videotapes.

Why conduct oral histories?   

  • as a preservation tool for future generations
  • as a depiction of who we are in the present and what we remember about the past
  • to aid in understanding how individuals and communities experienced life
  • to leave a record of what has changed and what has stayed the same over time
  • to help enrich the stories of the past

This guide is designed to introduce you to: books, databases, web sites, and information on microfilm related to Oral Histories.   

Featured Interview

Sitting Bull's great-grandson tells the story of his great-grandfather's betrayal.

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