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Orbis Pictus Award

The Orbis Pictus Award recognizes outstanding nonfiction for children.

About the Orbis Pictus Award

The Orbis Pictus Award was established by the National Council of Teachers of English to promote and recognize excellence in the writing of nonfiction for children. Each year one title is recognized as the award winner, along with up to five honor books.

The award commemorates the work of Johannes Amos Comenius, whose book Orbis Pictus - The World in Pictures (1657) is considered to be the first nonfiction book written especially for children.

Orbis Pictus 2021

The National Council of Teachers of English announced the 2020 Orbis Pictus Award Winner for outstanding nonfiction written for children on November 20, 2019.  Five Honor Books were also named.  A complete list of past Orbis Pictus winners, honor books, and recommended titles can be found at the Orbis Pictus website.