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Romance Reads

A guide to Romance books and literature.

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LGBTQ+ Romance

LGBTQ+ Romance: Romances which feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer people as the main characters. They may also feature other minority sexual orientations/gender identities, such as asexuals, demisexuals, pansexuals, Two Spirit, nonbinary or agender persons, among others.

LGBTQ+ romances are especially popular as contemporary romances, but you can also find paranormal, historical, sci-fi/fantasy, romantic suspense, and other subgenres. Male/male romances are a very popular orientation in LGBTQ+ romance. There is currently a major push in the genre for publishers to be more diverse and publish more books about (and by) LGBTQ+ people who aren't white, cisgender gay men.


Note: YA romances and authors are not included in this guide, as the romance genre itself is targeted at adults. Many LGBTQ+ romances in SAPL's collection are available as ebooks via Libby/Overdrive, not in print format.

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