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Texas Revolution

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Subjects: Genealogy, Texana

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Timeline of Events

September 27, 1835- Francisco Castañeda sent to retrieve a cannon loaned earlier to the citizens of Goliad.

October 2, 1835- The Stand at Gonzales. A fight over the famous "Come and take it" cannon. Texians prevail at maintaining possession of the cannon.

October 3, 1835- Full control of the Mexican government is given to General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

October 13, 1835- The New Orleans Greys organized in New Orleans to fight in the Texas Revolution.

October 28, 1835 The battle of Conception fought near San Antonio

February 1, 1836- Delegates elected what became known as the Convention of 1836 that wrote the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the Republic. They also named Sam Houston commander-in-chief.

February 24, 1836- The siege of the Alamo began.

March 2, 1836- The Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Texas adopted. 

March 6, 1836- The siege of the Alamo ended and it fell to the forces of Santa Anna.

March 27, 1836- Goliad Massacre occurred. 

April 21, 1836- Battle of San Jacinto resulted in Texas Independence. 

May 14, 1836- Treaties of Velasco signed by ad interim President David G. Burnet and General Santa Anna. 

Flags of the Texas Revolution

Battles of the Texas Revolution

The Mexican Side of the Texas Revolution

Heroes of the Texas Revolution

Women and the Texas Revolution

Tejanos and the Texas Revolution

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