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British and Irish Genealogy

Finding your family history from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Subject Guide

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Finding Aids

The resources on this page will help you locate specific records for genealogical purposes.  The links below vary from books, e-books, databases, dictionaries, gazetteers, atlases, and catalogs.  

For more general information about a specific type of record, see the resources on the How-To page.

Probate Records

Probate records, especially wills, are extremely helpful in establishing family relationships.  They should not be overlooked as you piece together your British family history.


Archival Resources

Here are links to the archives of England, Scotland, and Wales.  These can be used to search archival holdings and to request copies of documents and information.

Biography and Heraldry

Immigration and Emigration Websites

Geography, Maps and County Information

Knowing the geography and jursidictional location of the area you are searching for records in is essential when conducting British genealogical research.  Below are resources that take the guess work out of British jurisdictions and geography.

Census Records

Researchers turn to census records first when begining family history and genealogy research.  Here are resources where you can search for and see digitized census records.