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Welcome to World Religion and Spirituality

Religion: a belief in a supernatural power, a devotional and ritual observance, an institutionalized system that adheres to a specific belief drawing one closer to the Sacred or the Divine. Spirituality: tapping into your immaterial reality either through prayer, meditation, contemplation or chanting. Finding the meaning and purpose to life through a power in the Universe greater than the self. 

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Whatever your definition, tradition, or method of honoring "that which cannot be explained"; Allah, Baya, Bahaullah, Brahma, Buddha, Christ, Deus, Deva, Edo, Jesus, Krishna, Satnam, Shiva, Vishnu, Yahweh, these are just some of the names for a complex concept defining a creator, a deity, an idea that gives meaning to life. Whatever arduous exploratory path is taken to find the Divine, the various conceptions, inceptions, and perceptions are investigated here. 

This guide is designed to introduce you to books, databases, web sites, and information on microforms related to religion and spirituality.   


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