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Young Pegasus Poetry Competition

San Antonio's annual poetry contest for children and teens.

Young Pegasus 2019

Submissions for the
2019 Young Pegasus
Poetry Competition accepted
September 15 through December 15, 2018.


Enter your poem online.


Competition Rules

​Please pay particular attention to the items in RED.  This color designation identifies recent rule changes. 

  1. Entrants must be age 18 or under and live or attend school in Bexar County.
  2. Each poet may submit up to twenty-five (25) poems, but each poem must be submitted on a separate piece of paper
  3. Entries should be submitted once, either online or in hard-copy (on paper).
  4. Hard-copy entries: The following information must be on the back of the submitted poem.  (Do not include any identifying information on the front of the poem.)
          Entrant's full name and age.
          Grade and name of school or the words “Home School”
          Home address, including apartment number, if applicable, and ZIP code
          Telephone number or the words "no phone"
          Email address if available.
    If any of this information is missing the poem will be disqualified.
  5. Hard-copy entries must be hand-written in ink or typed using standard fonts. Entries in pencil will not be accepted.
  6. All entries must be legible. If the judges cannot read the poet's handwriting, the poem will be disqualified.
  7. If a poem requires special formatting, please submit in hard copy only. However, the library cannot guarantee integrity of formatting for any entry.
  8. Entries submitted in a language other than English must include an English translation. Poems in a foreign language without a translation will be disqualified.
  9. Illustrations will not be considered in judging a poem nor will they be included in the published Anthology.
  10. Each poem can have only one author.
  11. Poems must be the writer's own work, and may not be submitted without the poet's knowledge and consent. They may not be copied from any source. Poems found to be copied or plagiarized will be disqualified, along with any additional work submitted by that poet.
  12. Poems will be judged in the following categories according to the age of the poet at the time the item is submitted:
          Ages 8 and under

          Ages 9-11
          Ages 12-14
          Ages 15-18
  13. Entries will be accepted between September 15 and December 15, 2018. Late entries will not be accepted, and will not be held over to the following year. Hard copy entries may be mailed to: 
          Central Library
          600 Soledad
          San Antonio, Texas 78205
          Attention: Young Pegasus
    or may be submitted in person at any branch of the San Antonio Public Library.
  14. Copies of the poems submitted to the Young Pegasus Competition will not be returned to the poets.  Poets are encouraged to retain a personal copy of all work submitted. 
  15. Selected poets will be notified in early March.  Poets whose work is not selected will not be notified.  If a letter is not received regarding selection by the end of March, a poet must assume his/her work was not selected.