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Meet: Janet Evanovich

   Janet Evanovich is a well known and popular American author who started off writing romance novels but is best known for her Stephanie Plum the bounty hunter series.

   Her books are often romantic and quirky in nature. She creates lovable characters that are often involved unexpected adventures that often leave readers laughing out loud and begging for more.  

Bibliography/Series info

Janet Evanovich is the author of many stand alone romance novels and a couple of romance series. Her most popular series are listed below.

Stephanie Plum Series (in order written)

Stephanie Plum is a down on her luck lingerie buyer who suddenly finds herself jobless. She hears through her frequent dinner visits to her parent's house that her cousin Vinnie might need a clerk at his bail bond office. Unfortunately for Plum the position has been filled, desperate now she convinces Vinny to let her try out her luck at tracking down skips (those who bonded out of jail but did not show up for their court date). What follows is one hilarious adventure after another. Join Stephanie as she tracks down various individuals with her often colorful sidekicks, including her faithful hamster Rex, on and off boyfriend Joe Morelli, fellow bounty hunter Ranger, and her plus-sized friend and ex-hooker, Lula. 

Wicked Series (Lizzy and Diesel) a spin-off of the Plum Novels

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