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Homemade Gift Bows

They say it's better to give than to receive, and there are definitely a lot of opportunities to give gifts to friend and family throughout the season.  What better way to decorate a gift with a homemade bow!  All you need is ribbon - any size or color will do.  There are so many styles of bows to choose from.  Here are three different types of bows you can try for yourself. 

Simple Bow

This bow can be made from any size of ribbon.  It's has a simple, classic look that pairs well with any gift.

Step 1: Cut a length of ribbon, and fold both ends towards the center

Step 2: Fold up the left side loop and the right side loop so that they crisscross.  The ends of the ribbon should still be pointing down, and the middle of the ribbon will have made a loop.

Step 3: Of the two loops that are crisscrossed, take the one on top and fold it under the other so that it comes out of the loop on the bottom.  Pull tight and adjust the size of the loops as necessary.  You may also want to trim the edges. Congratulations, you've made a bow!

Layered Bow

This bow works best with ribbons that are different colors and sizes.  Layering multiple ribbons makes this easy bow look very fancy.

Step 1: Cut your two ribbons to the same length.  Cut an extra couple inches of the thinnest ribbon.

Step 2: Layer your ribbons with the thickest on bottom and the thinnest on top.  Loop it so that the ends meet.  You can tape the ends together to keep them from moving while you work.  This part will be in the back, so no one will see the tape.

Step 3: Flatten the ribbon loop.  Use the extra section of thin ribbon to tie a knot in the middle of the layered loop.  Cut off the ends of the knot for a clean look.  You did it! You made a layered bow!

Puffy Bow

Smooth ribbon works best when you make this bow.  You can easily make this bow bigger or smaller by adjusting how big you make the loops and how many loops you make.

Step 1: Wrap a ribbon loosely around your fingers about 5-10 times.  You can tape the end of the ribbon down.  That part will be the back, so no one will see the tape.

Step 2: Pinch the ribbon in the middle.  Cut small notches out of each side of the ribbon.  Be careful not to cut all the way through.

Step 3: Cut a few extra inches of ribbon and use that to tie a strong knot around the notches.  You can cut the ends of the knot off or leave them.

Step 4: Pull apart the loops on each side of the bow.  Pull them different directions to fluff them out.  This is where the amount of loops that you made or the size of your loops will change the look of your bow.  Experiment with changing things up to see what type of puffy bow you like best!

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