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Wall of Warmth

The Wall of Warmth is a community helping initiative that aids in providing warm clothing essentials to those in need. Store bought and/or handmade donations of scarves, hats/beanies, gloves, socks and other winter gear are accepted.

SAPL Crochet Circle Patterns

For Help on This Pattern Click on the Video Link: Easy Slouchy Crochet Beanie 


Twisted Headband Pattern



CH – Chain
YOSLST – Yarn Over Slip Stitch
BLO – Back Loop Only

Gauge and Size

Gauge Size 4 Yarn: 7 YOSLST X 8 Rows = 1 3/4 inches
Gauge Size 5 Yarn: 3 YOSLST = 1 inch and 6 Rows = 1 3/4 inches
Gauge Size 6 Yarn: 2 YOSLST X 2 Rows = 1 inch




CH – Use the chart above to determine your starting chain.

Row 1: YOSLST into the second CH from the hook. YOSLST in each CH across. (Stitch count will be one less that your starting chain.)

Row 2-15: CH1, turn, YOSLST into the BLO of each ST across.

After row 15, fasten off and leave a very long yarn end. You are ready to sew your ear warmer together. Scroll down to the sewing instructions below to finish.

If you would like to make this ear warmer wider, feel free to add more rows to your project. I could see you adding up to 10 more rows to this project for an adult ear warmer.

Finishing steps:

Step 1: Place your two ends together so they are halfway overlapping with your left side end under your right side end.

Step 2: Fold the other half of you left side end over the folded section of your right side end.

Step 3: Fold your right side end over the left side so that it resembles step 3 in the picture above.

Step 4: Use your long yarn end and a needle sew a row of stitches that goes through all 4 layers. I like to sew back and forth a few time to secure these layers together.

Step 5: Weave in your ends and turn your ear warmer inside out and your ear warmer will be done!



Fingerless Gloves

•    CH - Chain
•    SC – Single Crochet
•    Slip stich to start
•    Row 1: Ch 31 turn work around
•    Row 2: SC in second chain from the hook and into each stitch all the way back to the end of your work. (you Should end with 30 stitches). CH 1 and turn your work around
•    Row 3: (Here you will work in the back loop only for each row) SC into back loop only of each stitch you should end with 30 stitches. CH 1 and turn your work around. Repeat until your work is the desired width for your hand and forearm. (I did about 30 rows)
•    Sew in your ends with an embroider needle.