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Explore resources on researching about art as well as how to enjoy and make art, including information about art in the Library

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Welcome to Making Art

Interested in making your own art?  Find great resources on painting, ceramics, digital art and more.

Getting Started in Art

Are you inspired by the art you see?  

Here's some tips on how to create a painting from scratch.


Get an idea - walking through a park, viewing other art, even reading a book can spark an image.

Check out some art books - if you've never tried oils, it doesn't hurt to get pointers before you start.

Make some sketches, considering perspective. 

Purchase your supplies carefully. You may want to purchase a primed canvas to save time.

Have all your supplies nearby before you start.

Transfer your favorite sketch to the canvas, and lightly trace in pencil.

Brushes make a big difference - choose ones that reflect the boldness or detail of your subject.

When painting, consider color, layering and other elements.

How do you know when you're done?  Step back and feel the whole canvas with your eyes.  Sometimes it's hard to see the whole picture when you've been painting details - stepping back allows a quiet place to reflect from.

Photo credit: Hondo A. at San Pedro Branch Library

Books of Interest

Websites of Interest

The Following web sites provide detailed information about making and sharing art.