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Renovations to the Space

• New carpeting
• Wall treatments to support hanging art
• Electrical improvements
• Track Lighting to highlight hanging art
• Hanging lights to define study spaces
• Furniture for small groups and individuals
• Re-purposed and improved shelving
• Colorful treatments in line with library design


New Art & Photography @ SAPL

Marie Swartz Art Resource Center

The San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) launched a new educational space within its Central location on November 13, 2013,  named in honor of Marie Swartz, former Library Board member, Library Foundation Board member and artist. Swartz made a mark on San Antonio’s cultural and civic life and indelibly changed the city’s skyline with the landmark Central Library.

The Marie Swartz Art Resource Center (MSARC) is a partnership with the Southwest School of Art (SSA) that will serve as the library of record for the School’s new BFA degree program beginning Fall 2014. The 7,000-square-foot center, on the second floor of the Central Library, will house print materials and periodicals, and will include access to art-databases within the Library, all accessible to both SSA students and the public.

“Everyone wins in this unique partnership,” explains Paula Owen, President of SSA. “Students and faculty in our new BFA degree program, as well as the general public, will have access to extensive art resources in a vibrant new space conducive to creative thinking. Our two campuses are directly adjacent to the Central Library, making the location ideal for our students. We are grateful to all of those who gave of their time and expertise to make it happen, especially Mary Elizabeth Droste, who facilitated the renovations and purchase of materials through a significant gift to the School.”

SSA is also contributing collection materials, such as books, journals and databases. Additionally, former SSA board member Richard Mogas designed the space pro bono. SAPL will combine its art resource collection with the SSA, and with the help of the Library Foundation, will help cover costs for maintenance, reference staffing for acquisitions, cataloging and processing the SSA collection, technology and programming.

“The San Antonio Public Library’s partnership with the Southwest School of Art demonstrates how two community organizations can come together to provide an educational opportunity that is unique to the region,” says Ramiro Salazar, Director, San Antonio Public Library. “This area will continue to remain open to the public, while housing some of the best books and other sources, dedicated to the degree program. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased we are to share in the growth of the Southwest School of Art.”

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