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What Do I Read Now?

Tips and suggestions for choosing your next read.

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Genre LibGuides

Books in the same genre share similarities in writing style, format or content.

    For example, a Mystery novel contains a puzzle. The author provides clues to the reader while obscuring some information so that the puzzle cannot be solved too easily.

    A Romance novel centers around the love story between the two main characters who fall in love and struggle to build their relationship. The happy ending with love triumphing over obstacles is the most important aspect of a Romance novel.

     Listed below are the genres that we have created LibGuides for. Just follow the link below to learn more about a genre, including reading suggestions. 

Author Readalikes

   If you've read everything by your favorite author and need suggestions for others who write in similar ways, or if you'd like to learn a bit more about an author's writing, please proceed to our Author Readalike guide.


Author Readalikes

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