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Welcome to Cozy Mysteries

Cozy Mysteries

These gentle reads are perfect for curling up with on a rainy day.  Cozy Mysteries usually center around a small community - a rural village, a manor house, a small town - and generally shy away from gruesome details or harsh language. Instead, the focus is on character development and, of course, the mystery puzzle itself.  

Most of the Classical Mysteries like Agatha Christie's are "Cozies," as are most of the Animal and Culinary Mysteries.

Author Readalike Suggestions

For more Cozy authors, check the Genre Giants of the Culinary and Animal Mysteries.

  • Susan Witting Albert
  • Nancy Atherton
  • Rhys Bowen
  • Simon Brett
  • Agatha Christie
  • Mary Daheim
  • Dorothy Gilman
  • Jane Haddam
  • Joan Hess
  • Ralph McInerny
  • Marcia Muller
  • Elizabeth Peters
  • Ellery Queen
  • Alexander McCall Smith
  • Margaret Truman

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