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Find out about different types of E-Readers.

Amazon Support

The Kindle Family

The Kindle is Amazon's version of the e-reader. 

There are currently eight different types of the Kindle:

  1. Kindle uses the five-way control, uses wifi only
  2. Kindle Paperwhite a high resolution, touch screen interface; uses wifi only
  3. Kindle Paperwhite 3G a high resolution, touch screen interface with wifi and 3G capability
  4. Kindle Keyboard 3G a keyboard inteface with 3G capability
  5. Kindle Fire a multi-touch interface, uses wifi only
  6. Kindle Fire HD a high-definition, multi-touch interface, with Dolby stereo sound; uses wifi only
  7. Kindle Fire HD 8.9" a high-definition, multi-touch interface, with a larger, screen and Dolby sound; uses wifi only
  8. Kindle Fire HD 8.9" with 4G a high-definition, multi-touch interface, with a larger screen, and Dolby sound with wifi and 4G capability

How to checkout and download library eBooks for Kindle.


1) Login in to your account

2) Open a separate tab, go to and Sign in to your account with your library card

3) Search or browse for ebooks - you may limit for books in Kindle format if you like

4) Once you find a desired book, click Borrow

5) Click the Bookshelf button

6) Click Download and choose the Kindle format option from the drop down menu

7) Click Confirm and Download

8) You will be redirected to the webpage

9) When's page opens, from the drop-down menu select the Kindle device or app where you will read the book and click Get library book

10) Connect Kindle device or app to Wi-Fi and synchronize your library. The book should download shortly. Enjoy reading!

If youare using 1st and 2nd generation Kindles, please follow the remaing steps 11-19

11) Click on download now.

12) Click Save

13)  Click Open Folder

14) Right click on title and select cut.

15) Connect Kindle to your computer.

16) A window will appear and click on “Open Folder to View Files”

17) Double click on the documents folder that is on the right side of the window.

18) Right click inside if the window and select paste.  

19) Disconnect your Kindle and your ebook will appear on your home page.

Can I do it all on my Kindle?

With a Kindle Fire, you may be able to do the entire process on your device over Wi-Fi as long as you're not viewing the mobile version of the site. In the Silk browser, tap Menu button > Settings > (scroll to "Advanced" items) > Desktop or mobile view, and choose "Desktop View". You may have to clear the device's cache, history, and cookies before it will revert back to the full desktop view.

On the Kindle Fire you now also have the option of downloading and installing the OverDrive Media Console app from the Amazon App Store.  The OverDrive Media Console app will allow you to check out, download, and read Adobe EPUB eBooks on your Kindle Fire.  You will need to create a free Adobe ID in order to authorize the OverDrive Media Console; instructions for this can be found here: