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eBook and Audiobook Formats Explained 

Which audiobook format do I download? What is a PDF, EPUB, Open EPUB??? Is my device compatible? Did I download the right format?

Don’t worry we will try to make sense of all this tech jargon with this guide.


eBook Formats:

Kindle – If you have a Kindle; download the Kindle format and ignore everything else in this guide. (Unless you’re downloading audiobooks; Skip down to audiobook formats)

Adobe EPUB – This format is used by the vast majority of eReaders that are not Kindles. For example: Nooks, Sony eReaders, Kobo, and so on. Most mobile devices use this format as well. EPUBs are great if you like to manipulate the text.

Adobe PDF – This format can be used on any device that supports PDF files. PDFs are great for magazines or ebooks that have pictures.

Open EPUB – This format is exactly like an Adobe EPUB except for one key difference. You do not have to return an Open EPUB.


Audiobook Formats: 

MP3 – A compressed audio file format that can be played on most portable devices. OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks can be downloaded and played using all versions of OverDrive Media Console. If you finish with an MP3 audiobook early, you can return it before the library lending period expires.