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Library Lingo

This page lists common terms, acronyms, and phrases used by libraries and librarians.


Main Library/Central Library 

Building that houses 580,257 volumes, including an extensive collection of Non-fiction, Fiction, Media, Latino, Texana and Genealogy. It's located at 600, Soledad, San Antonio, TX 78205.

Meta-search Engine

Search engines that automatically submit your keyword search to several other search tools, and retrieve results from all their databases.


A magazine contains more popular articles, often with color, advertisements and are written by journalists.

MARC records

Machine readable cataloging. In the library’s online catalog, each portion of a cataloging record is given a "tag" the computer understands, e.g., 245 is Title.


Multi Functional Devices (Library Printers)


A detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it.