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Enhanced Library Card

Want to apply for an Enhanced Library Card (a library card with your name, photo, and personal information)? This guide will walk you through the process!

Enhanced Library Cards are available at four library locations:

Bazan, Carver, Johnston, Westfall
Tuesday: 3 PM - 7 PM
Wednesday-Saturday: 1 PM - 5 PM

To apply for an Enhanced Library Card, you will need to schedule an appointment. To set up an appointment, you can contact us as early as one (1) library operating day before you would like to visit the library to apply for your Enhanced Library Card. All locations are currently closed on Sundays and Mondays - we can schedule appointments on Saturdays for the following Tuesday. To schedule an appointment, you can call these four phone numbers:

San Antonio Public Library Main Phone Number (available Monday-Saturday): 210-207-2500
Bazan Branch Library: 210-207-9160
Carver Branch Library: 210-207-9180
Johnston Branch Library: 210-207-9240
Westfall Branch Library: 210-207-9220
You can also contact us online through Ask A Librarian to schedule your appointment.

Appointments to apply for an Enhanced Library Card are limited to one person at a time.  Companions are not allowed to accompany applicants to the appointment unless it is necessary (ie childcare not available).   This is to ensure social distancing can be maintained. Areas of the library other than those necessary for the Enhanced Library Card appointment cannot be accessed and collections are not available for browsing.

  • In order to apply for any library card, including the Enhanced Library Card, you will need to be able to prove your identity with a photo ID and bring that with you to the appointment. If you do not have a photo ID, speak to library staff when you call to make an appointment about other documents that we can accept to prove your identify

Your Enhanced Library Card will be mailed to you the next business day after you apply for the card. You can expect to receive your card in the mail seven business days after you apply for your Enhanced Library Card. You will receive a receipt of the Enhanced Library Card when you apply for it that will be printed on standard printer paper in black and white and will have your name and picture on it. If you need your permanent Enhanced Library Card sooner,  let library staff know this when you call to make an appointment so that they can explain your options for receiving your permanent card sooner.


Need more information? Visit our FAQ.