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Book Challenge Response

Resources for parents, teachers and teens about the First Amendment, Freedom to Read, what books are frequently challenged and how to support school librarians.

The Books

The link below is a list of the 865 challenged books proposed by Texas Representative Matt Krause on October 25, 2021. While these aren't the only books being challenged right now, they're probably most of what school libraries are being challenged on. 

Booklist link

Book challenges are happening across the country as well as San Antonio. The books that are being challenged are books by LGBTQIA+ authors, diverse authors, books about human sexuality, and even American history books. These challenges affect students who don't have access to public libraries and who's only space to get this information is from their school library. This has a tremendous impact on those students' mental health when the message they receive from the library is that their life, their culture, and their history is not worth having information about.




Click on this photo for a challenged book list compiled by the

San Antonio Public Library's Teen Services Staff.