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School-age: For children 5-12 years old

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Dial A Story / Telecuentos

For over 20 years the children of San Antonio have been calling into Dial-A-Story to hear a children's story.  The children's librarians record new stories every Tuesday and Friday, one in English and one in Spanish. 

Just call 210.207.4466 to listen!

Art Book Lists

Videos to inspire you to imagine, make, and create

What would it be like to see collages by Henri Matisse in person?

In 2014, at a gallery in London called Tate Modern, children had a chance to see some collages for themselves. Join them and see what you think!  

Borrow a book and learn more!

Check out these books about exceptionally small characters for younger to older readers.  Click an image for more information.

Cover image for The Littlest Family's Big Day     Cover Image for Thumbelina by Sylvia Long     Cover Image for Toby Alone by Fombelle

Videos: Creative Musicians and Their Unusual Instruments

Did you sing and make music more when you were little? Keep on playing!


Crafting Your Own Instruments

Find and stick and make it into a one-of-a-kind instrument. 


Make your own maracas with plastic eggs and spoons. Thanks to San Antonio Botanical Garden for this and other "Kids Learning" ideas.

                       maraca supplies

If you would like to follow along and make your own string phone, you'll need:
2 plastic cups

String as long as you like

A push pin

Make your own leaf art! You'll need:


glue or tape

paper or cardboard

a writing implement