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King Arthur

Classic, current and everything in between. Books etc. that explore and expand the legend.

Comments by Connie

Best of the Arthurian Web

The Original Arthur

The one that started them all....the original. Thank you Sir Thomas Malory. 

"Classic" Arthur

This one is supposed to be the best Arthur book out there but some people think it is a snooze-fest.

King Arthur Adult Fiction

Beginning with The Crystal Cave this is the series of book which made me fall in love with the Arthurian legend and Merlin. Especially Merlin. I think he was my first fan-girl crush.

Do you love Arthurian legends? Do you love ancient Roman history? This next book is for you!

Modern Arthur

This book is the first in a trilogy. It is a modern day King Arthur set in the projects. It read a little Shakesperian to me (not a bad thing necessarily). I liked the bones but the text got a little heavy.

Additional "modern" King Arthur tales.

Graphic Novels