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Information for teens about the 210teenlibrary Discord server and 210teenlibrary Instagram account

Teens (ages 13-18),
fill out this form
to get an invite link
to the 210teenlibrary Discord server

On the 210teenlibrary Discord server, you can...

Attend weekly clubs  ★  Hang out with friends  ★  Share artwork & stories
Listen to music  ★  Request FREE! 3D prints, buttons, stickers, & magnets
Play & stream games  ★  Chat about books  ★  Get help from library staff
Relax, laugh, vibe, whatever!

Music Monday @ 5 - 7 PM

Share and discuss all genres of music - including songs, full albums, music videos, live performances, and more!

Create Club @ 5 - 7 PM

A weekly time for teens to chat and share whatever you're currently creating, completed projects, new or favorite hobbies, and more. Post your art, music, stories, games, videos, food, crafts... whatever!

Dungeons & Dragons @ 5 - 7 PM

A weekly homebrew campaign led by a Teen Dungeon Master. Teens are welcome to join the adventure at any time, no matter their experience level with the game.

Random Fandom @ 4:30 - 6 PM

For any teen who wants to chat about their favorite fandoms and pop culture. Join us to geek out about anime, movies, TV shows, comics, gaming, and more.

Teen Time @ 4:30 - 6 PM

Hang out with other teens and chat about whatever. Every week is different and you get to decide what activity we do.

Bookworms @ 12 PM (Noon) - 1 PM

A weekly book club for teens. Hang out and share your thoughts about all sorts of book-related things!

Gaming Club @ 3 - 5 PM

Play video games, share/stream what you’re currently playing, discuss your all-time favorite games, and participate in tournaments. Different types of video gaming (PC, console, and handheld) are welcome!

Sunday Funday @ 4 - 6 PM

For any teen new to tabletop gaming or interested in trying games outside of Dungeons & Dragons. Games are voted on by teens and change every few weeks, depending on how long it takes to get through a story.


Teens (ages 13-18) can join the 210teenlibrary Discord server
by filling out THIS FORM to get an invite link.