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Information for teens about the 210teenlibrary Discord server and 210teenlibrary Instagram account

New to Discord?

For more info on what Discord is and how it works, check out this video:

What can you do on Discord?

  • Hang out with friends
  • Share artwork & stories
  • Listen to music
  • Request FREE! 3D prints, buttons, stickers, & magnets
  • Play & stream games
  • Chat about books
  • Get help from library staff
  • Relax, laugh, vibe, whatever!

Teens (13 to 18), you can view the 210teenlibrary Discord Server guidelines below. The guidelines are also available on the 210teenlibrary Discord Server in the #guidelines channel.

Discord Guidelines

210teenlibrary Discord Server: Guidelines

We don't want to limit how you and other teens interact on the 210teenlibrary Discord server ("this server")—but we definitely want to make sure that the 210teenlibrary Discord server is a safe library space for all teens (ages 13-18). We ask that you do us a favor and keep the following guidelines in mind while on this server:

  1. By joining, using, participating, and remaining on this server, you confirm that you are currently a teen (ages 13-18).
  2. Remember to be kind, courteous, and respectful to all.
    • Please let a SAPL Staff member know if you feel uncomfortable with something that is taking place or has taken place on this server. You can always block or report anyone on this server.
    • Usernames/nicknames and messages sent anywhere on this server should only include appropriate, harmless, and nondisruptive content, links, or files.
    • Be nice. Don’t be a troll or a bully or engage in hate speech.
  3. Keep your personal information safe.
    • This is a safe space BUT avoid oversharing; never share things like your full name or address.
    • Remember what you put on the internet is there to stay, even if it is deleted.
    • Don’t post things online that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see.
  4. Post spam on the #spam channel.
    • #spam exists to provide a space for you to post appropriate messages that are random but do not meaningfully contribute to other conversations on this server.
  5. Self-promotion is totally okay.
    • Share your Twitch stream, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and more in #self-promo.
    • BUT you can’t advertise anything for sale, including commissions for artwork or other things you’ve made.

Additional information:

Who is on the server?

The 210teenlibrary Discord Server is a place for teens (ages 13 to 18) in San Antonio to hang out together, make new friends, attend virtual clubs... and whatever else! The server is open 24/7 and is run by Teen Services at the San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) with the help of...

@SAPL Staff: SAPL Teen Services Librarians

SAPL staff are available 7 days a week to chat about library services, help with Discord stuff on this server, and answer any questions. SAPL staff also host virtual clubs throughout the week on the server with the help of Teen Mods and Club Assistants (check #current-clubs for more info).

@Teen Mods: SAPL Teen Volunteers

Teen Mods are available throughout the week and help moderate the server, host virtual clubs, recommend/add new server features, and answer any questions. You can always ask a Teen Mod for assistance with stuff on the server.

Teen Volunteer Opportunities on the Server

Did you know that you can potentially earn volunteer hours on the 210teenlibrary Discord server as a Teen Mod or a Club Assistant?

Teen Mods are selected through a nomination process by SAPL staff and current Teen Mods. SAPL Staff and current Teen Mods will periodically nominate new teens to potentially become a Teen Mod based on their observations of that teen's interactions and contributions to the server through text / voice channels. If you are interested in becoming a Teen Mod, we encourage you to participate in multiple text/voice channels and clubs across the server, regularly read server content, and meaningfully respond to others’ posts.

Club Assistants are not Teen Mods but are still serve as teen volunteers. Similar to the nomination process for Teen Mods, Club Assistants are selected by their high level of leadership in a particular club on the server. Teens who coach others, help the club run smoothly, answer questions and encourage others to attend are more likely to be asked to serve as a Club Assistant.  

Please note that SAPL teen volunteers must be between the ages of 14 to 18.
Click here for more info about teen volunteers, including the application process: Teen Volunteer Opportunities