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Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Ages 14-18 can become a teen volunteer at the library!

The minimum age to volunteer with the San Antonio Public Library is 14.

This page is for teen volunteers, ages 14-18. If you are an adult and want to volunteer with the library, go here:

Volunteer with SAPL


In person opportunities

Opportunities include... 

  • Shelving, or pulling books to send to other library branches to fulfill customers' requests. 

  • Assisting with activities and clubs!                            

  • Creating displays!                     

Shifts are during library hours. When you fill out your application, it is best if you can turn in your application at the branch you are planning to volunteer at, so you can hopefully get a chance to meet the volunteer liaison or teen services librarian. Once your application is processed, your schedule will be set up with the help of the volunteer liaison!

Off-site Teen Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways for teens, (ages 14-18) to volunteer Off-site! 



  • Become a Content Creator!

  • Create a Spotify List of your favorite jams!


  • Everyday something is happening at 210teenlibrary on Discord. You can become a part of it all as a Club Assistant or Teen Moderator!


For the most part, teens can volunteer off-site whenever works best for your schedule. Club Assistants must arrange schedule to match selected virtual club time. What is Discord?

*Teen Mods are selected by nomination from SAPL Staff / current Teen Mods; if interested in becoming a Teen Mod, teens are encouraged to join the server and interact/participate. 

Want to join the server? (ages 13-18 only) Go here: