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Teen Volunteer Opportunities

Ages 14-18 can become a teen volunteer at the library!

The minimum age to volunteer with the San Antonio Public Library is 14.

This page is for teen volunteers, ages 14-18. If you are an adult and want to volunteer with the library, go here:

Volunteer with SAPL


In-person Volunteer Opportunities!

Opportunities include... 

  • Assisting with activities and clubs!                            

  • Creating displays!                     

Shifts are during library hours. When you fill out your application, it is best if you can turn in your application at the branch you are planning to volunteer at, so you can hopefully get a chance to meet the volunteer liaison or teen services librarian. Once your application is processed, your schedule will be set up with the help of the volunteer liaison!


Teen Library at Central Library 

  • Volunteer opportunity: Teen Video creation assistant/ editor.
  • Digital media assistant: Creating fliers on Canva, Publisher or other software to highlight Teen Library wall and book displays.
  • Club Assistant: Host a club for Summer, based on the teen's strengths and interests.
  • Teen Summer Photography: take and edit photos during Teen Summer events, suitable for Instagram uploads and other projects.

Supervisor: Regina Almanza 210-207-2678


Collins Garden Library

  • Volunteer opportunity: Teen video creation assistant/ editor.
  • Digital Media Assistant: Creating fliers on Canva, Publisher or other software to market Teen Events.
  • Club Assistant: The events or weekly clubs will be based on the teen's strengths and interests; the clubs can be art, outside fun, tabletop gaming, computer programming, or other topics.

Supervisor: Daniella Toll 210-207-9120


Encino Library
Volunteer Opportunities:

  • ​​​​​Teen Time
  • Teen Room shelving/shelf reading

Supervisor: Ivan Martinez 210-207-9250


Johnston Library 

Volunteer Opportunity:

  • Teen Time Assistant.
  • Design/Build/Create LARGE papier-mache projects themed for a haunted house and Teen Space decorations (supplies provided).
  • Assist with 3D printing small projects.
  • Organize and inventory all video game equipment.
  • Any interests in assisting with maintaining a Minecraft survivor/creative world.
  • Any interests in creating a teen E-sports group [Rocket League, Mario Kart, Smash Ultimate].

Supervisor: Cassie Garza 210-207-9240


Las Palmas Library

  • Volunteer opportunity: Teen Time Assistant

Supervisor: Connie Hejl 210-207-9200


Schaefer Library

  • Volunteer Position: General Assistance/ Teen Club Assistant: Tasks are customizable to teen skills and interests.

Supervisor: Dacari Lambert 210-207-9300


Thousand Oaks Library

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Teen Time Assistant

Supervisor: Kimberly King 210-207-9190



Volunteer Opportunity:

  • Teen Time Assistant: Tasks are customizable to teen skills and interests
  • Organize and inventory all teen art supplies and video game equipment.
  • General Library Assistance.

Supervisor: Melissa Carroll 210-207-9040