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SAPL is Here For You!

Our world is experiencing some drastic changes. SAPL wants to let you know that we are here for you throughout the process! Explore this guide for creative ideas, eBook picks, resources to help you and your family learn from home, and virtual programming.

Short and Sweet Suggestion

Thinking of planting a garden?  Whether it's a veggie garden or a flower garden, it's important to determine what type of soil you're working with.  Of course, you can send it into a lab for soil testing, or you can give it the old tried and true mason jar test to determine how much sand, silt, and clay you have.  Check it out here!  Besides, who doesn't love playing in dirt?  Dig in and have fun!

This is from the Cities Connecting Children to Nature Initiative website.

Explore and Create with Sound

Did you sing and make music more when you were little? Don't stop now. Keep on playing!

Did you ever imagine that music could be made from the things around your house? Experiment with making some of your own if you are feeling creative. To be safe, ask an adult for permission before experimenting. 

Find and stick and make it into a one-of-a-kind instrument. 

Make your own maracas with plastic eggs and spoons. Thanks to San Antonio Botanical Garden for this and other "Kids Learning" ideas.

maraca supplies

Craft ideas with things you have at home

Looking to get creative while you're at home? Check out these ideas of ways to use things you already have to create something new!

Other Creative Ideas