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SAPL is Here For You!

Our world is experiencing some drastic changes. SAPL wants to let you know that we are here for you throughout the process! Explore this guide for creative ideas, eBook picks, resources to help you and your family learn from home, and virtual programming.


Working from home may be new to many and maybe even a little nerve racking considering that the normal work structures are not there.  Though if you have concerns take a look below at the "Work From Home Resources" to get help navigating this new environment.


Feel free to view all the information or just search for what you need.

General information:  General topics about working from home.

Best Practices/Tips:  Videos and quick articles about working from home.

Online Courses/Trainings:  Interested in a deeper dive on the dynamics of working from home and virtual team concepts look  no further; these courses will satisfy that need.

Virtual Meeting Sites:  These websites offer the capability to bring your in-person meetings to the digital age.

Work From Home Resources


10 Ways to Make Better To-Do Lists

Get more done and be more efficient with your to-do lists.


Business 2 Community: Working from Home 101 - Tips From Remote Work Experts

This article looks at working from home from two points of view; the employer and the employee.


Forbes: Effective Time Management While Working Remotely During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn to manage your time while working from home.


Harvard Business Review: Time Management | A Guide for Working (From Home) Parents

Working from home?  Have children?  This article tackles juggling child care and working from home.


Fatherly: Work From Home With Kids is Hell. These Time Management Tips Can Help.

Fatherly speaks with author of "Time to Parent", Julie Morgenstern, about working from home while the whole family is there.


The Conversation: Get Dressed and Set Goals: Some Routines Not To Break If Coronavirus Means You Have To Work From Home

Routines may not seem like much, but read this article to find out about not skipping work routines when working from home.


SFM: Ergonomic and Safety Tips When Working From Home

Don't forget to mind your physical health and surroundings; this article goes over some safety tips when working from home you may not think of.


Workers Compensation: Best Practices and Safety Tips For Working From Home

The title of this article says it all, but it also includes a graphic of correct sitting posture.


The Next Web: 3 Stretch Routines for Remote Workers with Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Stretch the body, but also be mindful of your hands if you are using a computer more than ever now; this article has 3 videos that show some stretches for Carpal Tunnel Symptoms.


Listicle: 10 TIPS TO EFFECTIVELY WORK FROM HOME | Work In The Time Of Coronavirus


How to Run a Virtual Meeting [BEST PRACTICES]

Do's and Dont's Web Etiquette


PC Magazine: 20 Tips for Working From Home

 Jill Duffy, a contributing editor, has worked from home 100% of her time for over 5 years and has 20 tips to help.


Harvard Business Review: What It Takes To Run a Great Virtual Meeting

Bob Frisch and Cary Greene write about the 12 best practices to running a great virtual meeting.

LinkedIn: The Learning Blog
New to Working Remotely? The Resources Can Help

This LinkedIn blog gives access to 16 free online course that can help you navigate the new world of working remotely; going over how to 'Maximize Efficiency and Productivity of Remote Work', 'Manage the Impact of Adjusting to Your New Work Environment', 'Remotely Manage and Lead Teams', and 'Get to Know Your Remote Work Productivity Tools'.


Linkedin: The Learning Blog
6 Free Courses to Help You Manage Stress and Build Mindfulness Into Your 'New Normal'

This LinkedIn blog gives access to 6 free online course that will help you manage stress; going over such topics as 'Adopt mindfulness practices to shift out of ‘fight or flight' and 'Understand and manage stress and overwhelm'.


Webex Working Remotely Online Classes

Register for free live online classes about working remotely or instantly watch a recorded class on Webex.


Vlerick Business School: Working in Virtual Teams

This free online course discusses how to create the ideal conditions for a virtual team to be successful in completing projects.

Websites to use for virtual meetings:


Video communication tool that allows for video/audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across different systems/devices.

Zoom Training Resources

Provides live daily demos, webinars that dive into their, "products, features, and best practices for remote work, hosting online events, and educating over Zoom."  They also have Zoom video tutorials and the option of on-demand zoom training sessions.


Video communication tool that allows for video/audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across different systems/devices.

Webex Help Center

Access to information about getting started, online classes, Webex status check, ask the community, and adoption guides and tool kits.


A telecommunication platform that allows video, voice, and chat through different systems/devices.