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SAPL is Here For You!

Our world is experiencing some drastic changes. SAPL wants to let you know that we are here for you throughout the process! Explore this guide for creative ideas, eBook picks, resources to help you and your family learn from home, and virtual programming.

SAPL Live Virtual Programming Resources

Follow along as Lorin makes Solid Lotion Bars

Solid Lotion Recipe & Ingredients List
1 cup of beeswax
1 cup cocoa or shea butter
1 cup coconut oil
15-30 drops of essential oil

Learn how to make reusable beeswax food wraps with this easy tutorial!

What you will need:
baking sheet
parchment paper
100% cotton fabric
1-2 tb beeswax pellets

Learn how to make a one strip fabric bookmark with this easy tutorial.
You will need:
- Scissors
- Pinking shears (optional)
- Sewing machine or needle and thread
- Iron
- 7" x 1.5" fusible interfacing, firm
- 16" x 3" woven cotton fabric
- 6" ribbon

Red Enchilada Resources

In honor of Central Library's 25th anniversary, Branch Manager Jeannette demonstrates how to cook red enchiladas. Check out these resources for more information on the recipe she used:

How to Make Avocado Toast
Join us in the kitchen as Branch Manager Jeannette demonstrates how to make avacado toast, a simple and healthy treat! Check out these resources for more information on the recipe she used:

Delicious Desserts

Learn how to make a Pavlova, a light meringue dessert for your summer time enjoyment. We'll also show you how to make your own whipped cream using just a few simple ingredients.Check out these resources for more information on the recipe she used.

At Home Activities

I Heart Vinyl Playlists

Do you miss I Heart Vinyl at Schaefer and Potranco and the chance to be able to enjoy the vinyl collection at these branches on Sundays? Then check out these I Heart Vinyl Playlists created by staff to keep you listening to great music until we can offer I Heart Vinyl again!

Check out these symphonies that have livestreams or recordings of their performances:

Will you be able to escape? Work your way through these challenges as you solve mysteries answer questions to make it to the end! Keep checking back as we add more challenges!

Check out these online games created by SAPL Staff

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time and sharpen your problem solving skills.Check out these puzzles featuring works of art at San Antonio Public Library. Photos are courtesy of photographer Will Van Overbeek

Looking for more puzzles? Check out these featuring works of art from around the world!