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The goal of this guide is to provide a brief overview of LGBTQIA+ history and culture as well as point towards resources for further reading.

Sexuality in the Stacks

Our libraries are dedicated to inclusivity and diversity, and we are continuously working to make sure that our collections reflect that attitude. If you ever need help locating a particular topic, we will try our best to find the information that you need whether it is on our shelves or located elsewhere.

If you prefer to browse on your own, here is a handy guide to help you search.


306.76 - Sexual orientation
306.762 – Asexuality
306.764 - Heterosexuality
306.765 - Bisexuality
306.766 - Homosexuality (in general)
306.7662 - Male homosexuality (gay men)
306.7663 - Lesbian
306.768 - Transgender


Fiction and Media

Fiction is sorted by the author's last name. This can make it a little tricky to locate materials that feature LGBTQ+ characters and themes. However, if you go into the library catalog and search by "tag" rather than "keyword", you can look for either "lgbt", "lgbtq", or "lgbtq+" and pull up a list of materials related to those subjects.


Subject Headings

Subject headings can help lead you to other topics related to your original search. They are also a great way to get started when you have a subject in mind, but don't know a particular book you are looking for. Here are some LGBTQ+ subject headings you can use to find books. Simply change your search from "keyword" to "subject" and plug these into the search bar:

Lesbians — Fiction

Gays — Fiction

Bisexuals — Fiction

Sexual Orientation — Fiction

Transgender People — Fiction

Sexual Minorities — United States — History

Gay Rights — United States



Juvenile Books Subject Headings

Homosexuality - Juvenile Fiction

Gender Non-Conformity - Juvenile Fiction

Gay Teenagers - Juvenile Fiction

Gender Identity - Juvenile Fiction

Lesbians - Juvenile Fiction

Coming Out (Sexual Orientation) - Juvenile Fiction

Recommended Reading

LGBTQ+ Reading Lists

Queer YA Book Lists

Queer Children's and Tween's Books

Queer Literary Awards

Check out the below for books that have earned awards for queer writing.