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Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Also known as TRPGs or TTRPGs, these games have made it more into the mainstream thanks to shows like Stranger Things and podcasts like Critical Role. Let's dive into what they are and what's available out there to play, as well as a few tips on creating

Other TIps

These are some articles and videos that can help guide players and GMs. 

I have the game, now what?

So you've picked a game. You have a group of players. You've all picked a day and time to play. do y'all actually play?? Hopefully this tab will help give you some resources to make running your first (or 31st) game a little bit easier and more fun. 

A note on playing online: sites like Discord and Roll20 are free to use, and can be great ways to play online. There's a bot called Avrae that can be added to Discord, which will connect to a character sheet from Dndbeyond, Google Sheets, or Dicecloud. It's also a dice roller, so no physical dice required! Plus, if a character sheet is linked, Avrae will add in any bonuses for the player. Both Discord and Roll20 have the option to share screens/video, as well as use audio and text chat, so it can be a pretty adaptive experience to get everyone playing in one program. 

Resources from the Catalog

These are a few books in the SAPL catalog that can help teach skills related to running or playing a TTRPG, no matter what system you're using or how you're playing.