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Carver 90th Anniversary

Carver Branch Library

Carver Branch Library
3350 E Commerce St
San Antonio, TX 78220


Limited Services

Building is closed to public access, but limited services are available. More Information.


Date Open
Sun 11/01 CLOSED
Mon 11/02 CLOSED
Tue 11/03 12PM - 7PM
Wed 11/04 10AM - 5PM
Thu 11/05 10AM - 5PM
Fri 11/06 10AM - 5PM
Sat 11/07 10AM - 5PM

Available Services

Contact Free Pickup

Tue: 12pm to 7pm
Wed–Sat: 10am to 5pm

Computer Access (by appointment)

Tuesday 3PM - 7PM
Wednesday - Saturday 1PM - 5PM

Outside WiFi Access

7:30AM - 10:30PM


Carver: A Glorious Legacy

Carver is special to me because...

We asked our patrons why the Carver is special to them.  Their responses where much more than we could have imagined.  Take a look for yourself! 

Carver is special because of the people!

Carver is special to me showcases black excellence.  Thank you librarians & staff!

Carver is special to me's my "change agent!"  It has always meant so much to me!  From book clubs, lectures or expanding my knowledge.  It has allowed me, with staff support, to go beyond my comfort zone. Always. Thank you!

Carver is special to me because...they are family.  They always receive you with a smile. They know who we are and the things we like.

Carver is special to me's my childhood sanctuary and a safe haven for my children, who are readers.

The Carver Library is special because it is one of the gems of the eastside.  Also, I still have my library card from April 1967.

Carver is more than a library. It's a family.  It's my family  :)

Carver is special to me because...the staff if family!


This library is vital to the eastside community.  It provides important services (computer use...access to the internet...books, etc.) and the staff is wonderful, too!!!

Carver is special to me's special, it's close and don't be a fool, stay in school!