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Anniv-Memorial 40th

Memorial Branch Library


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Contact Free Pickup (from STMU National Archives, 3141 Culebra Rd.)

Mon-Fri: 9am to 4pm

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Memorial Library
3222 Culebra Rd
San Antonio, TX 78228

Take trip back in time with us! Look through some of our fondest memories with the photos below.
Plus, check out photos of the progress on the current renovations.


Memorial Branch Library: Through the years...

1980 - 2000 2001 - Present 30th Anniversary Current Renovations

1980 - 2000 photos

Construction of library

This is how it all began...

Construction of library
Construction of library
Ribbon cutting, opening of library in 1981

The ribbon cutting to open the Memorial Library.

Snow at the library

Snow in San Antonio?  Wow!

Staff at work

Memorial staff are hard at work.

Newspaper clipping

The Buppets, mascots for VIA, visited Memorial for a special Halloween program.

Kids love the Memorial Library!

2001 - Present photos

Car show

Memorial had a spectacular car show in the parking lot!

Car show
Hula hooping

Kids enjoyed a pinata.

Staff relaxing

Library staff relaxing together in the workroom.

H-E-Buddy and Libro

H=E-Buddy and Libro, which was SAPL's old mascot, visited the Memorial Library!

Memorial staff posing together.

Libro, which was SAPL's old mascot, visited the library.  Libro was redesigned twice over the years.

Here is Libro again, having fun with the kids.

Planting trees outside

Planting trees outside of the library.

Library staff posing together, including previous branch manager Jimmy Jimenez.

Staff Xmas in 2020

Staff holiday photo from 2020.

Grass fight

30th Anniversary photos

Amigos, which is Memorial's friends group, is important to the success of the library.

We had so many fun activities!

The 30th Anniversary sure was a big time!

Such delicious food!

Current renovations photos

We're getting new lights.  The old lights sure were BIG!

It's a massive renovation.  Everything had to GO!

To build the new lobby at the front of the building, work had to be completed on the underground water pipes.

The front also had to be torn up to build the new lobby.

The inside of the building will have new paint!

The new colors will look so beautiful!