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Digital Equity

A toolkit on all things surrounding digital inclusion, accessibility and digital sovereignty.

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Digital Safety

Be Internet Awesome by Google
A comprehensive web resource that is oriented towards families and educators to teach kids and young adults to conduct safe searching and posting online. This resource can be used for anyone of any age wanting to understand the basics of internet safety. Google has a tip sheet on practical internet safety guidelines. Click here to access it.
A web resource that provides a comprehensive guide to personal online security and online safety.
The websites also provides information about Identity Theft Protection, VPNs, and Anti-Virus Protection.
A web resource from the Safety Net Project that provides tips on cell phone safety.
This site is oriented towards older adults and cell phones, but can be used by any one of any age.

Interested in Learning more about Digital Safety? is a web resource that provides free online tutorials.
Click here to access the safety tutorial site.