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Intro to Coding - Web Design

Location: Online | Date: 5-18-2021

Join us for a beginners class on Coding - Web Design. We will be covering the basic fundamentals of the web, like HTTP protocol, web standards and focus on coding in HTML/CSS.

If you would like to review the class, the presentation has been made publicly available on this page with the source code with the file tree laid out as it would be interpreted by a website. If you would like to learn more about HTML5/CSS3 and other web development technologies, I encourage you to look at the resources at the bottom of this page where you can learn more.


This is the list of resources featured in the Intro to Code presentation along with the links to their sources.

  1. YouTube
  2. Channels you can look at:
  3. freecodecamp
    -Learn HTML5 & CSS3 from scratch
  4. Traversy Media
    HTML & CSS Crash Course - Playlist
  5. The Net Ninja
    HTML & CSS Crash Course Tutorial

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