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Health and Wellness Resources

Concerned about health issues? Need to find a local doctor? Or do you want to check out the latest medical research information? Use this guide to answer those and many more health related questions.

Subject Guide

Links to the Library


Check out the Internet Public Library page on Health Care Issues here.

ipl2: Information You Can Trust

SAPL Events

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MedLine Plus: How-To

Medline Plus is a great place to go for basic health information.

  • ad-free
  • compiles reliable information from medical professionals and researchers
  • maintained by the National Libraries of Medicine and the National Institute of Health
  • updated daily
  • has everything from basic information on a condition or medication to videos showing surgeries in action.

Google Health News

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WebMD Health News

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Use this page to find information:

  • that can help you make an informed decision about your health
  • reliable for the public
  • written in easy-to-understand language.

November is National Diabetes Month

Websites Dealing With Diabetes

Books at Your Library About Diabetes

E-Books/Books on CD

Databases for Consumers


Helpful Websites