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Preschool: For children 0-5 years old

Read, talk, sing, write, and play everyday.

Here for You

Dial A Story / Telecuentos

For over 20 years the children of San Antonio have been calling in to Dial-A-Story to hear a children's story.  The children's librarians record new stories every Tuesday and Friday, one in English and one in Spanish. 

Just call 210.207.4466 to listen!

Celebrating Black History Month

Hello Song: “Hello Hello Can You Clap Your Hands?”

Read Aloud: Hands Up by Breanna McDaniel   

Catalog location of book: 

Movement Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider with Desmond Dennis

Goodbye SongSkidamarink   

Extension Activity:  Ask your children to think of all the things they do during the day that involve raising up their hands.  Go on a field trip around the house and let them demonstrate.  Larger motor movements like raising arms are important for your child’s physical and brain development. 


Opening Song: The More We Get Together  

Singable Story: This singable story counts to 10. You can stop the video at any number you like - This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt 

SongThe Itsy Bitsy Spider 

Song: Hickory Dickory Dock 

Activity:   Making and responding to music allows your baby or toddler to explore creative ways to express feelings. They have fun creating their own music with their body e.g. clapping, stomping, humming, vocal noises or “musical instruments” they make from objects around the house e.g. banging on pots and pans as drums. Give your child pots and pans and wooden spoons and watch him make music.  

Early Childhood Development Tip: Go to Music  

Image result for leo gets a checkup  

Opening Song: Wake up Feet 

Read Aloud: Leo Gets a Checkup by Anna McQuinn 

Movement song: Up & Down 

Song: Cha Cha Chobogin 

Extension Activity: Getting ready for your little one’s checkup by playing doctor with their  stuffed animals. Showing them first what the doctor will do and then letting them try. 

Opening Song:  The More We Get Together  

Read Aloud: Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children by Sandra L. Pinkney 

Song: If You’re Happy and You Know It  

Song: This Little Light of Mine  

Activity:  PEEKABOO          Materials needed: Small toys or books, blanket 

What to do: Place a toy or book under a blanket leaving part of the object showing. Then ask your baby or toddler, "Where is it?" and encourage him to look for it. Children will usually grab it and dig under the blanket. After your baby or toddler has mastered finding a partly hidden object, move on to hiding it completely under the blanket. 

Skills learned: Fine motor skill development, object permanence (a child's ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer be seen).  

Early Childhood Development Tip: Go to Relationship with Others 

Welcome:   Hello Song 

Read Aloud:  Uh-oh!  by Rachel Isadora 

Fingerplay:   "Jelly in the Bowl" 

Song:  "I Love Little Kitty" 

Action Song:  "Five Little Ice Cream Cones" 

Activity for Toddler:  Learning to get dressed is an important skill for children, but it can be difficult.  To help, break it up into small steps, gradually adding tasks as the child is able to accomplish them.  Learning to get dressed helps your child to develop fine motor skills (learning to fasten zippers and buttons), gross motor skills (standing to put on a pair of pants), cognitive skills (remembering which items of clothing go on first), and language skills (the names, colors and styles of clothing).  It also builds your child’s awareness of time and space (learning what to wear for different weather conditions and occasions).   

February is National Library Lover's Month

Introduction:  H.E.L.L.O. 

Read Aloud: Read It, Don't Eat It! by Ian Schoenherr 

Action Song: "These Are My Glasses" 

Video:  Sesame Street: Cookie Monster In the Library 

Activity for toddler:  Help your toddler to become a lifelong reader.  Use the free services of the public library to explore the world of books with your child.  While Read It, Don’t Eat It uses humor to teach the correct handling of books, children also learn through hands-on experience and observation.  The more experience they get with books and the more they see you reading the better. 


Opening Song: Hello! 

Read Aloud: Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn 

Fingerplay: Two Little Eyes 

Song: Going to the Library 

Extension Activity: create a shape book worm with your little one, each time you read a book together let them decorate it and add to it. 

Opening Song: Open Shut Them 

Read Aloud: Dinosaur vs the Library  

Song: Ten Little Dinosaurs 

Movement Song: Shake your Sillies Out  

Early Childhood Development Tip: Gross Motor Development   

Opening Song: Follow Me 

Read Aloud: Maisy Goes to the Library by Lucy Cousins 

Fingerplay: Six in the Bed 

Song: Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes 

Extension Activity: Think of one of your favorite books to read and see if you can act it out for others to guess what it is. Take turns.  

Baby and Toddler Time at Home

Opening Song:  Well Hello Everybody, Can You Touch Your Nose? 

Read Aloud:  Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max  

Song:  Zoom Zoom Space Song  

Song:  Sun, Moon, and Stars  

Closing Song: Goodbye to You! 

Activity:   Moon Dough  


Opening Song: Hello to You! 

Read Aloud: Crocodiles Need Kisses Too by Rebecca Colby   

Fingerplay: Caterpillar Crawled 

Song: Bananas Unite 

Extension Activity: Using stuffed animals ask your child how they would kiss/hug each animal. Share with them how you would kiss/hug each animal as well if it is different.  

Opening Song: If You Love Me and You Know It 

Read Aloud: Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse  by Laura Numeroff 

Song: Valentine’s, Valentine’s, What Colors do you see?  

Song: Five Little Hearts 

Extension Activity: Paper hearts scavenger hunt      

Cut out hearts from various color paper or you can use old magazine pages. Hide them all around your home and let the hunt begin! Have your child search and find the paper hearts.  

Opening Song:  Can You Say Hi?  

Read aloud:  Bedtime Bonnet by Nancy Redd  

Song:  This is the Way We Go To Bed  

Song:  Sesame Street:  I Love My Hair  

Goodbye song:  Can You Say Bye?   

Activity:  Make a special bedtime fort with blankets and flashlights and read our favorite bedtime stories in the fort.    

Opening Song “Hello Everybody” 

Bouncy Rhyme/Song “Polar Bear Song”  

Read Aloud:  Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? By Bill Martin Jr.  

Ending Rhyme: “Polar Bear, Polar Bear” (point to child’s body parts or stand up and mime movements). 

Polar bear, polar bear turn around, Polar bear, polar bear touch the ground,  

Polar bear, polar bear bend down low, Polar bear, polar bear touch your toe.   

Polar bear, polar bear slide on the ice, Polar bear, polar bear spin around twice, 

Polar bear, polar bear reach up high, Polar bear, polar bear wave goodbye. 


Family Activity:  What animals did you see in the story?  What sounds did you hear the animals make in the story?  Can you or your grown-up make some of the sounds very quietly?  How about very loudly?   

Opening Song: Hello Around the World 

Read Aloud: Under my Hood, I Have a Hat by Karla Kuskin 

Song: This is the Way We Get Dressed 

Song: The Mittens On My Hands ( Sung To: Wheels on the Bus") 

The mittens on my hands, keep me warm, keep me warm , keep me warm
The mittens on my hands, keep me warm
All Winter long!

Extension Activities: Dress up play  

Gather up some items of clothing and play dress up with your child. Playing dress – up allows children to improve their vocabulary. They get a chance to use words they heard in the story.  

Under My Hood I Have a Hat Coloring  

Opening Song:  Hello, Hello, How Are You?  

Read Aloud:  Baby Penguins Everywhere!  By Melissa Guion  

Song:  Penguin Dance  

Song:  Five Little Friends   

Goodbye Song:  So Long Now  

Activity: Make Pretend Snow  

Welcome Song:  H. E. L. L. O. 

Read Aloud:  Sleepy Me by Marni McGee 

Action Song:  Five in the Bed   

Action Rhyme:  Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 

Closing Song:  Good Night by The Beatles 

Bedtime tips:  Routine is very important for children, especially when it comes to getting ready to go to sleep. Doing the same things every night (brushing teeth, reading a story, putting on PJs,) will help children associate the bedroom with good feelings and give them a sense of security and control.  Also, since bedtime means separation, a personal object, such as a teddy bear, doll, or blanket can further your child's  sense of security and comfort and reassure her before she falls asleep. 

Welcome song: If You’re Ready for a Story 

Read Aloud: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  by Jane Cabrera 

Song: Skidamarink 

Song: Ten Little Fingers 

Activity: Hidden stars 
Cut out stars from any paper you have around the house - magazines, wrapping paper, paper bags. Hide the cut out stars around  the room: under toys, on a chair, in a toy bin.  Deposit a basket or any container  in the middle of the room. Invite your child to find the stars and  deposit the stars they find in the basket.  

Opening Song: Hello Everybody  

Movement Song: The Wheels on the Bus  

Story: My Bus by Byron Barton 

Goodbye Song: This Little Piggy. Have kids put their hand up and each finger will be a little piggy.  

Family Activity:  Look and see how many other types of transportation are in this book.  What are they?  How many riders are on the bus driver’s bus?  How many cats get on at his second stop?  How many dogs get on at his last stop?   

Opening song:  When Cows Wake Up in the Morning 

Read aloud:  From Head to Toe  by Eric Carle

ABC Time: ABC song 

Song: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes  


Activity: Baby Pokey (Tune: Traditional Hokey Pokey)
Try singing to baby in front of a mirror! 

You put your legs in (hold babies legs out straight) 
You put your legs out (turn your body, swing babies legs to the side) 
You put your legs in 
And you dance them all about! 
You do the baby pokey, and you turn yourself around 
'Cuz that's what it's all about! 
(Repeat with "hands", and "whole bod"y) 


Toddlers can sing and dance to Hokey Pokey  The Hokey Pokey | Karaoke - YouTube

Opening Song: Hello to You!  

Read Aloud: Pom Pom Panda Gets the Grumps by Sophy Henn

Fingerplay: Open Shut Them 

Song: 10 in the Bed/Roll Over  

Extension Activity: To help deal with the grumps find the technique that works best for you and your little one. One you can try is showing them how to take calming breaths as many as they may need. Another is having them sit with you and hug them quietly until they are ready to talk about it or till they feel better.

Songs and Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers

Two little hands, ten little fingers,
Two little hands, ten little fingers,
Two little hands, ten little fingers,
Count them all with me. 

One, two, three little fingers,
Four, five, six little fingers,
Seven, eight, nine little fingers,
And one more makes ten.

Dos manitas, diez deditos,
dos manitas, diez deditos,
dos manitas, diez deditos,
cuéntalos conmigo.

Uno, dos, tres deditos,
cuatro, cinco, seis deditos,
siete, ocho, nueve deditos,
y uno más son diez.

Celebrate Black History Month: Books We Love

February is Library Lover's Month: Books We Love