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Zines at SAPL

A zine (pronounced zeen) is an independently published booklet.

2021 Big Read Zine-Digital

The 2021 Big Read Zine, Issue 3 is complete!  In following with this year's zine theme "New is Normal", we were able to move back to a physical publication of the zine.  There are only 250 copies of the hard-copy.  And because we want tons of people to experience this piece of creative expression we are sharing a digital version here for everyone to view.


We hope you enjoy this year's publication and we look forward to working on the 2022 issue soon.  You will be hearing from us about how to participate, and we hope you will consider contributing. 

Thank you for the love and encouragement and most importantly, we thank thank all of the contributors who were selected for this year's issue.  Thank you all!

Digital-2021 Big Read Zine