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Zines at SAPL

A zine (pronounced zeen) is an independently published booklet.

Big Read Zine 2023 Release

Save the Date for Big Read Zine 2023 Release on Saturday December 9, 2023

Big Read Zine 2023 Submission Guidelines

The future is near and far, bright and bleak, imaginable and unimaginable, but to each, there is their own unique vision. What is your future vision? Will it be a utopia or something straight out of George Orwell's 1984? Or maybe something completely different? This year, the San Antonio Public Library's Big Read Zine is searching for creative works from you and your crystal balls.  Share with the community your visionary insights!

2023 Theme:  Future Visions

Submission Deadline:  CLOSED

2023 Big Read Zine Release:  December 9, 2023

Submission Examples:  Drawings, doodles, cartoons, poetry, short or long-form writings, photos, and more! 

Age Restrictions:  None. All ages are welcome to submit

Residency Restrictions:  None. Anyone within the San Antonio Public Library community may submit.  You do not need to be a San Antonio resident to participate.



  • Submit your work using the form on the next page, clicking the Submit HERE button below. Name your file: Firstname.Lastname.medium (Example: Sam.Smart.illustration)
  • All content must be original
  • Long-form written submissions: the maximum word count for submissions is 800 words. 
  • By submitting work you grant the San Antonio Public Library the right to publish that work in Big Read Zine.
  • Submitting work does not guarantee publication.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of San Antonio Public Library staff.
  • Submission limit-Submissions are limited to one or two works due to the high volume received. 
  • Ownership Rights-Though published by San Antonio Public Library, ownership rights of original work remain with the creator.
  • Content Limitations- This is a family-friendly publication.  We will not accept content that contains the following:
    • profanity
    • sexual content
    • gratuitous violence against marginalized people
    • anything which may be offensive towards a group or individual


  • Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to respond to each submission.
  • We are unable to provide feedback on submissions that are not accepted.
  • If your work is selected for Big Read Zine, you will be notified upon publication.