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Zines at SAPL

A zine (pronounced zeen) is an independently published booklet.


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Zines provide a way for anyone to express themselves and to share ideas. They demonstrate self-publishing at the most accessible level, introducing voices that may not have access to traditional publishing channels. San Antonio Public Library’s zine collection is available for public use at Central Library and showcases materials written by, about and for our community. A zine (pronounced ZEEN; like magazine) is an independently published booklet.

Who Reads Zines and Why?

The SAPL Zine Collection aims to serve the interests and needs of current readers and community.  And to expose patrons to zines as the information, art form and alternative communication tool it has come to be known.

 Zines are documents that tell the story of contemporary life, culture, and politics in a variety of voices that might otherwise be lost. As the SAPL collection grows we hope that library users will enjoy the collection simply for its vibrancy, cultural value, and artistic relevance.