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Pop Madness

Popular Culture Celebration at the San Antonio Public Library

CHANCLA ACADEMY was started by Joe Coronado after a COVID scare when his daughter suggested he make TikTok videos with her to create a digital memory book. He posted a video of what it was like to grow up in a low income family in San Antonio and it exploded. Joe wanted to honor his grandmother and does that with Chancla Academy. He says, “Life is like being in school and my abuela was my teacher and every time I got off track she hit me with that chancla as a reminder along with whatever life lesson came with it.” Making funny videos with his kids and doing restaurant reviews is not the only thing Chancla Academy is about, Joe says it is also about who we are today and the need to be that figurative chancla to keep family and friends on track to the right path. Joe promotes the San Antonio community by organizing events to stimulate the local economy and support local businesses. He has put together the Chancla Academy Rock Festival to embrace our community, culture and create an opportunity for local up and coming bands to revive the rock scene. Check out Chancla Academy on TikTok or Instagram.