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Landa Library 75th Anniversary: The Beginning of Hannah Landa Memorial Branch Library


July 17, 1946 -- Mr. Harry Landa donated his home at 233 Bushnell to the City of San Antonio.

The home was "accepted with sincere thanks and deep gratitude." Harry Landa wanted to establish a fit and suitable memorial to his beloved wife.

Harry's Vision for the Property

"The property is to be kept and maintained in a good state of repair and condition with the main building dedicated for use as a non-sectarian free public library and with the surrounding grounds dedicated for use as a children's playground, with the right to establish and enforce reasonable rules and regulations for the use and enjoyment thereof. Both the library and playground are to be maintained in a manner in keeping with good practices and national standards."

The Deed to the Landa's Home

Landa Deed page 1

Landa Deed page 2

Children Ready For New Park

According to an article published in the San Antonio Express (07/21/1946):

Within a few hours of the announcement that Harry Landa, San Antonio octogenarian, had dedicated his home, 233 Bushnell Ave., and spacious four-acre ground as a memorial library and children's playground in memory of his wife, Hannah Mansfeld Landa, a group of children presented themselves at the front door to ask permission to start playing now.

Before the library was even open for use, the neighbors found it important for their lives!