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Landa Library 75th Anniversary: Did you know?

The Librarians

First Head Librarian

Charlotte Ryan

Longest-Serving Branch Manager

Kathy Claspill

Most Loved Branch Manager

Michael Kaminsky

Current Branch Manager

Kiyanna Stephens

Branch Manager Kiyanna Stephens


Did you know community members had a chance to purchase a piece of Landa?

Landa Library held an auction in 1999.

According to the press release from August 1999, items that were auctioned included:

 -- wrought iron bookcases

-- marble urns

-- chandeliers, including crystal and wrought iron composition

-- wall sconces with prism ornaments

-- antique picture frames

-- ornamental curtain rods

Battle of Flowers

Did you know that Mrs. Hannah Landa served as president of the Battle of Flowers committee?

Mrs. Hannah Landa (listed as Mrs. Harry Landa) served as president in 1938 and 1939.

Battle of Flowers Association


Did you know that people get married at Landa?

The first wedding to take place on the Landa grounds on May 1, 1994!