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Community Assistance

Information about public and private sector organizations and programs.

Working with Plumbers and other Contractors

Check the Development Services Dept Contractor Connect page to see if your plumber, electrician, or other contractor is certified with the city:

Check the Better Business Bureau to see the business rating for a plumber, electrician, or other contractor: Better Business Bureau by category

BBB phone: (210) 212-1182

DIY Repair Resources

Check out SAWS Be Ready site for resources from How to Turn off Your Water, Alerts, and Boil Notice info

Need to know more about your main circuit box?  It’s very important for safety to turn off power before doing work in a flooded/damp area.  This Spruce video gives you tips:

SAWS has a step-by-step DIY Repair page for fixing many indoor and outdoor plumbing woes:

How do you know if you have a leak?  SAWS has step-by-step instructions on how your water meter can be a powerful tool in leak detection.  Water Meter Leak Detection

Check out SAPL's database for home repair: Home Improvement Resource Center.  It covers every kind of repair you can imagine, including electrical and plumbing.  You'll need a library card and password to log in, or you can get an online card on our website if you need access.  Home Improvement Reference Center

The City of San Antonio has a Community Tool Shed where you can borrow house and yard tools and equipment. A completed Application and Release Form are required to use the tools. Residents may borrow the tools free of charge with advance notice, completed forms, and proper identification. Tools are checked out on Friday mornings and returned on Monday mornings.

Water main shut off video