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Veteran Resources

Resources to guide veterans, past and present, in various materials such as mental health, VA clinics, education, job finding, resume writing, service dogs, and more.

Education Resource Directory

eBenefits is a 1-stop shop for veterans who finished their contract with their service and who have served honorably. The VA will let you know when to sign up for eBenefits once you put in for your rating claim. Note: If the veteran wants to give his/her benefit to the dependents, the veteran would have needed to sign over their education to his/her dependents prior to getting out of the service. If the veteran failed to do so, their benefit will remain the veterans benefit and may not change their education benefit. 


CH. 33 9/11 GIB (most schools & Certifications)
Yellow Ribbon (Most private Schools)
CH. 35 Dependent Education Assistance (DEA) (Legacy and dependents)
Fry Scholarships (parent or spouse KIA)
VA DIC under the PACT Act (KIA) (Spouses, dependents, and parents)

The Hazelwood ACT is a state benefit that allows veterans to go to school for an additional 150hrs of tuition exempted education. This benefit is known as the "Golden Bullet" to veterans because they can transfer their benefit to their child(legacy). If a veteran is 100% permanently and totally (P&T) disabled, the state offers the 150 credit hours of tuition exempted education to both the veteran and his/her dependents (children/spouse). 

In addition to being 100% P&T, the dependent qualifies for CH.35 Dependent Education Assistance  (DEA). this benefit can be applied for on the eBenefits webpage, under education. The veteran does not qualify for this benefit, only the dependents. This benefit, as of 2023,  provides dependents with $1200 a month (for a full month of education and is prorated for less then a month). In order to qualify for this payment, dependent must be full time in school.


Hazlewood Act:
Contact Education Services Team
Phone: 512-463-3168
Phone: 877-898-3833

Warrior Scholar Program:

Phone: 202-796-8777 

Military Spouse Advocacy Network:


NPower (Free training Programs for veterans and spouses):

NPower Tech Fundamentals (A Career in IT):
Phone: 212-564-7010